Live Wedding Artist / Wedding Painter


Gina Strumpf International Artist  

Live Event Wedding Artist  

Wedding and Studio Artist 

As far back as I remember I've had a pencil in my hand and a vision in my mind. I'm happiest when I stand before a canvas! 

My painting style is best described as Modern Impressionism, painted in rich oils. alla prima like the French masters 

No matter the size of my canvas, from small to large 48x60 studio works, I love painting wet into wet and will normally stay with the canvas until its complete. Years of painting en Plein Air has taught me the lessons of quick observation, and capturing the beauty of the scene. My goal is to relay the excitement in my work sharing a moment in time of your celebration of love... It is my passion to capture love on canvas and I look forward to creating a treasured memory for you and your family.  

Gina Strumpf