Live Wedding Artist / Wedding Painter

Cincinnati Musica Halll wedding paiinting
Cincinnati Musica Halll

This is what dreams are made of

Captured on Canvas ~ What better way to capture the moment and excitement of your wedding or event than to have an artist transform your celebration into a heirloom oil painting. 


Gina is a Professional Artist with her work represented in Fine Art Galleries from Washington DC to Charleston SC. She is also a Resident Artist for Cunard Cruise Line where guests fall in love with her engaging warm personality. Having a Live "Event Artist" capture the magic of your day, has become the latest craze. With everything so Instant and photos everywhere, posted on FB, Instagram and Twitter, Brides are turning to something a bit more personal and lasting... and what better way, than a painting, done on location, at the time of the event, capturing the "poetry"of the day in a lasting Oil Painting?! If the Event has already taken place, yesterday or 20 years ago.. Gina can work from photos, pulling together the event in one lasting image.  

Gina is available to travel to any location in the USA or abroad. Whether a Wedding, Anniversary, Bar Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen or Corporate event, contact Gina to put the most beautiful moments of your life on canvas.